Restaurant – Pizzeria Al Teatro Goldoni

Restaurant – Pizzeria Al Teatro Goldoni

The Restaurant-Pizzeria is located in Sestiere San Marco, close to the famous Goldoni Theatre, from which it takes its name, in the heart of the city center.

It’s been possible to realize the project thanks mainly to the consistent research carried out at the Archives of the Municipality of Venice: the purpose was to join two divided environments, forming part of two separated building units. The analysis was finalized to demonstrate the correct intuition about the unification of the two commercial activities.

The turning point was the discovery of a planning permission dating back to the 1930s, which showed the existence of a door hole that connected the units in the past but had been walled up in the following years.

The area of the property used as a stationery has been renovated, and now the complex is developed mostly in lenght, so the project choice to overlap full and empty spaces has filled the lack of natural light. Moreover, now the spaces are more pleasant and welcoming, thanks to the accurate choice of the artificial illumination and the use of punctual elements in brass.

The interiors have a classic and elegant style, based on light effects and the use of different materials. For the flooring, the panels leaned against the walls, the doors and the fornitures it’s been chosen the same warm finiture of the beamed ceiling; the chairs are covered with a red leather that recalls the same tonality.

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  • category Public Establishment– Restaurant/Café
  • place Venice
  • type of intervention Extraordinary Maintenance
  • year of realization 2017
  • duration of works 60 days