Architect Stefano Trincanato, born in Venice in 1959 and graduated from the University Institute of Architecture in Venice in 1989, operates in the architecture field, dealing with restructuring interventions, restoring of historic heritage buildings, projects for hotel and non-hotel accommodations and projects for business units and residences.
Each project is developed and cured in all its aspects, from the creative concept to the executive on-site works, going through the administrative procedures. The final result comes from the cooperation among the planner, the contractor and the place where the intervention is meant to occur.
The peculiarity of the architect is to satisfy the client with tailor-made solutions that meets the client’s expectations and are unique products.
Overall, the operating area in which it operates ranges from the design aspect to the construction, structural and plant engineering aspects, from building and interior renovations to the development of furnishing themes, as well as energy certifications, municipal and cadastral administrative practices.