Project Description

The building is an Art-Nouveau Villa, located in Lido of Venice, close to ‘Tempio Votivo’: the context is characterized by single-family houses wih own garden. For a time the building was used as a B&B; the project is aimed at a family of eight members, and it concerns the extension to residential use, through some changes to the building, which now has two floors above the ground and one basement. The project has changed the distribution of the internal spaces, and new rooms have been added: a relax area in the underground floor, with a hydromassage tub and other services; a new floor over the existing throught ‘Piano Casa’, which has two new bedrooms and a toilet. As a result of this, a part of the roof has been modified to create a terrace with a parapet, realized with the same characteristics as those existing on the lower floors.

The project includes the redevelopment of the entire building, making substantial changes but without altering the artistic value of the building and its collocation in the context. The choices are in agreement with the compositional and stylistic features of this type of architecture.

  • Place Lido of Venice
  • Type of intervention Renovation
  • Year of realization 2018-2019
  • Duration of works 12 months