Project Description

The building is close to San Marco Square, located in Campo San Gallo.

This project is the result of an extraordinary maintenance of the structure that was born like a Cinema (‘Cinema Olimpia’) and became a multifunctional and commercial activity, that includes: a restaurant, a parapharmacy and a shop.

The transformation was not so easy to obtain because the building was partially bound in a context of great historical importance; reason why has been involved the Venice Authority for the selection of historical elements to be safeguarted and to understand which contruction interventions could be possible to realize. The history of the Theatre dates back to the 1920s and, even if the unit has changed its utilization during the years, nowadays is still possible to admire some traces that the project has deliberately valued. In fact, the architectural and decorative elements of ex Cinema Olimpia have been preserved and brought to light; also the columns and the stone portal of the ancient court have been restored and valorized. The project is well adapted in the context where the interventions take place; for example, the existent traces on the walls are used as a sign to place the technological system. Finally, the design project has been complex also due to the area of over 1000 sq m, atypical in the venetian reality.

After all, a unique commercial reality has been created fot the city.

  • Place Venice
  • Type of intervention Extraordinary Maintenance
  • Year of realization 2016 / 2017
  • Duration of works 250 days