Project Description

The project has taken into consideration the creation of a public place inside a building unit in the St. Mark’s district, that was hosting the restaurant in the past. The main purpose was to create a Chinese restaurant in a wide useful area to re-create a welcoming place.
For this restaurant, warm colors have been chosen that resembles the Far East.
Seats and benches have been placed both at the entrance and in the inner room.
On the right side of the first room, a serving counter with adequate size has been placed to give more room to the seats and benches. The nameplate bears the same name of the restaurant and has been applied on a back-lighted glass panel that highlights this element. All these elements make the restaurant very welcoming for business activity that got lost in time in Venice.

  • Place Venice
  • Type of intervention Ordinary and Extraordinary maintenance
  • Year of realization 2016
  • Duration of works 45 days