Project Description

The project is about the restaurant “Ae Rasse”, located in the Castello district. The purpose was to review the furniture of an existing activity developed on three levels, without upsetting the spaces.
The ground floor has been conferred with a simple look; the exposed brickwork with its veins makes the atmosphere warm and welcoming. Wooden benches and boiserie enrich the whole environment.
A counter with adequate size that provides all the necessary equipment for the activity, has been placed in the center of the restaurant, to welcome the clients and it dominates the room. From the room’s windows it is possible to watch the hustle and bustle of people in the Calle that leads to San Zaccaria wharf, but at the same time it is possible to enjoy some privacy thanks to the inlaid wooden panels.
On the first floor a small room is still present, distinguishing from the ground floor by using plaster.At the same time benches have also been placed to convey the ground and the first floor, which gives it a homogeneous look.
The third floor is set up for functional services and for the business management.

  • Place Venice
  • Type of intervention Ordinary maintenance
  • Year of realization 2016
  • Duration of works 45 days